Let Your Light Shine

Happy Saturday Sunshine

It’s just a pretty day outside in Atlanta, GA.

I have been laying on my sofa procrastinating about cleaning and doing school work. I happened glance over at my book shelf. And thought I’d share, my little creation! This bookshelf is where I let me light shine, its near and dear to my heart.

Sometimes I feel like I should be somewhere else. I feel like at the age of 24 I should be a star in my career, always happy, traveling, and being free. But often times my life is nothing like that. And I let it get me down. But then I remember that it will all happen in due time.

I mean, I’ve been having these deep conversations with my family and close friends for weeks about where society thinks a 24-year-old should be in life. Ideally, I should be a college graduate working on my master’s degree, with a 5-five job that I love, making 60k+ a year, living in the city with the man of my dreams, either married or engaged, working on kids, and whatever else century-old fairytales tell us. But in reality, I have a college degree, working and going to school (working on my M.B.A) full time, dating but not ready for the marriage life, and still making crazy decision and being wild when I feel like it. AND IT’S OKAY!!!! Really!!! I’m fine with it. And who care what society feels about me. I live in my own world and move the way I want to move.

Sometimes this gets me down but I have to remember to LET MY LIGHT SHINE. So in my apartment I have this little wooden bookshelf in the corner. This is my light, my shine and my accomplishment on display. This is my personal little reminder that I am GREAT! It pushes me to realize that I’m on the right path. Not matter what anyone else thinks.

IMG_5808I have stuffed this book shelf with all my of memories and accomplishes. Things like my high school and undergrad diploma’s, plaques and trophies, College and Greek paraphernalia, pictures and photo albums of friends and family… all of my greatness on display. Not to brag, but as a self reminder that I have accomplished all of this and there’s so much more for me to accomplish.

Enjoy the young life and remember to LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE. And if you need reminders set a designated place in your home to showcase your accomplishments!

Thanks for stopping by my little blog and be sure to visit PassionLocked again. Enjoy this beautiful weather and see you next week!

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