Target Sepetember “Your New Basics” Beauty Box

Happy Saturday Passionistas!

So… I finally got my hands on the Target Beauty Box!

I have been trying to order one for at least 2 months now, but they are only while supplies last. They sell out quick. But I was able to get the September Total Hydration Beauty Box  and the September Your New Basics Beauty Box.

The Target Beauty Box is not a subscription service. It’s a online only, monthly beauty box for only $7. The box is packed with about 5-8 trial size items and $3 off coupon for beauty purchases of $15 or more. Honestly, this is a great deal. They’ll make perfect gifts for your friends and family members during the holidays without breaking the bank.

If you are a RED card member at Target you get the 5% off for using your card and shipping is free. So for only $14.24, let me show you what I got this month….


The September – Your New Basics Beauty Box came with

img_8630Acure Ultra-Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner with argan extract and argan oil. The shampoo and conditioner formula is mild and good for sensitive skin. It’s also sulfate-free.

I’ve seen this product on shelf in many stores, but never purchased or used it. Now that I have these trial sizes I will definitely try it out, when I go back to wearing my natural curls for winter.


Simple Micellar Water with no harsh chemical and artificial perfume or dyes. I am very big on make up wipes to take off my makeup, just because it’s quick and simple. Lately I have been using micellar water or gel to clean my face before applying make-up. You know just to make sure my face is really clean before I spread make-up all over it. I currently have the Garnier Micellar Water, but I’ve tried this product and love them both. This trial size bottle is great for travel, so I don’t have to carry around the big bottle in my suitcase or overnight bag. The box also included 2 dual-sided up & up Premium Cotton Rounds.

I thought that was a clever idea. Typical me, after I opened the box and took my blog pictures- I used the micellar water and cotton rounds right away. I used wanted to see how it felt.

img_8636Covergirl Tease Mascara for full natural lashes. I have seen the commerical for this new Total Tease product but wasn’t inspired to go purchase it. Honestly, I hardly ever buy mascara because I never run out. I have so many beauty subscriptions and mascara is so popular that I also have one. I don’t have a favorite brand or type or anything like that. But since a FULL size bottle of the Total Tease was in the box, I will use it.


Side Note: Every month I get so many eye liners, brow pins and mascara that I would never be able to use them all. So maybe I pick a few that I haven’t opened and do a little giveaway. Stay Tuned!  <Okay Back to The Review>

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb with vitamin C and E to help promote healthy skin.

Honestly, I’ve never come across this product before, but who doesn’t love a good moisturizer. I can’t stand the feeling of a dirty face. So I keep facial wipes in my purse to wipe my face throughout the day if I need to. You know after you cleanse your face it can feel dry so you need to hydrate it. This little jar is the perfect size. I carry it in my purse for a little refresh throughout the day.

img_8631Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion with almond oil.

If you’ve been following Passion Locked for a while, I featured this product in one of my favorites blogs a few posts back. But my thoughts have changed since. I no longer like this product. I don’t know if they change the formula or ingredients, but it doesn’t make my skin feel nice and soft or hydrated after showering – and I still have to put on lotion afterwards. I’ll be adding this product to my giveaway box.


Sensodyne ProNamel Strong & Bright Toothpaste for sensitive teeth and cavity prevention.

I use Crest toothpaste, because growing up that’s what my parents bought for the house. So when I moved out on my own and started purchasing toothpaste for myself, I went with what I knew. But I’m open to trying new things.

Stay Tuned for Part 2 of this review for a look at other box I got.

If you think I should do a beauty box giveaway, comment and let me know.


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Summer Wal-Mart Beauty Box

Hello Passionistas!

First off, summer is here and you are force to be reckoned with.

About a week ago, I received my Summer Beauty box from Wal-Mart. This seasons box is full of all types of stuff I love.





My favorite product in this summer’s box is the Simple Sensitive Skin Cleansing Wipes. I have purchased this item before and used them many times. I love them. I  was excited to see them in my box. With it being summer time, it’s good to have a on the go pack to put in my purse for a little on the go refresh.





This next product, EcoTools Mask Removers Sponges is new to me. I’ve never seen these before, but I’m excited it use them. The packaging says, “designed to quickly wipe away facial masks”. I didn’t even know this was on the market. I use my Bath and Body works and Lush body mask at least once a week. So, I think it will be great to use when doing my in shower body mask.






The Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion is a product that I use everyday. But this travel size bottle is going straight into my purse. It’s going to be great for those on the go moments.








The one product from the box that I liked the least is Wally’s Organic Body Oil. The packaging says it, “reduce appearance of: scars, stretch marks, and dry skin”. It’s such a small sample that I don’t know if it’s effective. I will use the sample but I probably won’t ever purchase this item.  



I was surprised to see the Got2B Glued Styling Spiking Glue travel size in the box. When I recently went to get my hair done, my stylist used this on my edges. And my edges actually held down longer than usual. So when I saw this product I got excited about laying my edges down in this summer heat. I find it interesting that this was even in the beauty box, because the brand is more male targeted. But I’ve seen more females using it for wig placement and as a edge control because of its super holding powers. Great Marketing Strategy!



I have used Pantene Dream Care Shampoo and Conditioner before, not my favorite choice to wash my natural hair with. For the sake of having these travel sizes, I will use them the next time I travel (put them in my carry on).





Radiate your Beauty !!!!!!!!!!