Hello Passionistas !!!

Tonight was a nice little happy hour with some old friends.

Dress: Target

Utility Jacket: Charolette Russe

Shoes: Converse


December Ipsy Bag Review

Hello Passionistas

There has been soo much going on that I am just now posting this review of my December Ipsy Bag. I must say I really enjoyed this months bag. I was thinking about maybe canceling my subscription for Ipsy because I never actually re-purchase any of the items- but this bag has encouraged me to keep my subscription just a little longer.

This is what I got this month:

img_0381ASLMissGlam Makeup Brush feels so good on my skin. I don’t buy different brands of brushes, my brand of choice is ELF. So getting different brands of makeup brushes in my subscription make up bag is a refresher. This is the 3rd brush I have received in a ipsy bag. I enjoy testing out new and different brushes. I always have dirty brushes, so having clean back up brushes is least a plus. You can never have too many makeup brushes.

img_0380You all should know by now I love sheet mask. To my surprise I received 2 sheet mask this bag, Purlisse Green Tea + Ginger Rejuvenating Sheet Mask and Coconut + Rice Nourishing Sheet Mask. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I like the product. I was excited about the Green Tea and Ginger mask, so I used it first. It was as expected smelled great, felt soothing, and left my skin feeling refreshed.


Charcoal is a booming trend the skincare industry. This winter I have taken a high sense of liking to anything charcoal in skincare products. This Global Beauty Card Charcoal wash-off mask is a wonderful treat to play in. I haven’t quick used it because I waiting for the right moment. The product is a mud based solution that helps unclogs pores and life away impurities. I want to wait until my skin is clogged with 2-day makeup and sweat cause I’ve been to busy partying … ha!


I love Smashbox. I love red lips. So…. this Smashbox Lipstick in the color Legendary was a great added accessory to my makeup looks. I am not as much as a red lip girl as I’d like to be. But this little red stick is the perfect size for my red lip moments.


I have received like three City Color Cosmetics Shimmer shadow in my bag, this one is  in the color It’s A Girl. I love these shimmer shadows, they are super pigmented and rich in color. I currently wear a bronze shimmer shadow from a summer bag I received -with my everyday makeup look.

img_0382Bonus Buy: If you are a Ipsy Bag Subscriber you know you can gain points and purchase select items with the points you earn. So I used my points to purchase this NYX Professional Makeup Faux Blacks Eyeliner in the color midnight.

I want to start sharing new products,deals,and promos with you all. So after each post I will share a great deal that you should explore.


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Cheers to a New Year

Happy New Year Passionistas!!!!!!!


It is 2018!!!!!!!!!


This year has already been a hoot. I am just now posting to you guys because I have been sick and shut in with no desire to blog. I am just now getting back to feeling like my true self.



2017 was a long year for me. It was a really pleasing year as well. I started a new job, graduated with my Masters degree, travel a little, completed my first Passion Project and continued my blogging journey. At first I was a little unsettle about exiting 2017 and enter a new year. Honestly on News Year Eve, I was a little sad. But as I counted down into the new year with my friends I instantly felt grateful to be in the New Year.





This year I plan to continue to expand my journey as a DIY and Lifestyle blogger. I plan to introduce vlogs for my ipsy bag and beauty box product reviews. My goal is to also produce for DIY projects and ideas to share with you all. I will also be starting a “Share your Passion” monthly segment, where I have other passionistas as guest bloggers. I created Passion Locked as a way to express and share the things I am interested and passionate about, so I who love to build a community of like-minded passionistas. I plan to create a GroupMe community for all my DIY’ers and Passionistas to share with another.


Last year I completed my first Passion Project, which was Quilts for Babies. In 2018 I plan to do the Quilts for babies again in honor of March of Dimes and start a few other Passion projects.



Thank you all for stopping by Passion Locked and chopping it up with me from week to week. I love to hear from my reader, you can always contact me at passionlockedblog@gmail.com. Also, follow me on instagram and twitter @passionlocked. Always feel free to leave me comments, I make sure I respond to just about everyone.


Brunch with Friends

Helllloooooo !!!!

I know I’ve been missing for two days of blogmas. I’ve been busy with orders and shopping…🤷🏽‍♀️

But, I’m back now !!!!! 😍

I recently hosted a Christmas PJs Brunch with all my girlfriends. It was super nice! But of course – as the host, I did not get any pictures. What I can say is— we had a good time.

I cooked a really nice brunch. I made lots of mimiosas and we drank lots of mimiosas!

We played “dirty santa” and cards against humanity… so many laughs and memories made…

I did manage to get a few snaps with my polaroid camera for my next scrapbook..

Until next time 💝

Xscape Concert (Blogmas Day 9)

It’s Saturday !!!

I am a weekend lover. Last night I went to the Great Xscape Tour to see- June’s Dairy, Zonnique, Tamar, Monica and Xscape. I have always loved Xscape- so seeing them in concert was amazing.

I missed most of June’s Dairy performance. But they need a lot of song covers- they opened the show. Zonnique did a good job but I didn’t know any of her songs. Tamar sung her face off as usual. But her savage time was a lot. She brought fans on stage and did a lot of talking about her divorce 🙄. I love Monica. And just like every time I seen her perform, she gave me chills. I have been a fan of Monica since a little girl when my mom used to play the Miss thing album.

le have been talking about Xscape been off tune (mostly Kandi). But they sounded great last night. I was happy with the entire show.

< img src="https://passionlocked.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/img_9868.jpg&quot; class="size-full wp-image-2651" height="4032" width="3024"><<<<
never take a decent photo, but here's my concert outfit

Tan Duster from boohoo.com

Black Dress from Forever 21

Booties from Target

Teavana Favorites

Hello Passionistas!

It is no secret that I love tea. Last week I took a trip to Teavana to get new summertime tea.

I normally go to teavana once in the summer and once in the winter and buy my tea in bulks. I enjoy brewing a fresh pitcher of tea every Sunday to have for the week.

On a weekly basis, I say that the hardest decision I have to make is my nail color. Until I go into teavana. I think its because I don’t go in the store often and when I do I like to get 4 different blends in bulk. But if you’ve ever been in Teavana you know they have a wall of nothing but tea behind the counter. So I literally stand there for what seems like forever, making my decision. So this is what I got this time:


Hot Pink Lemonade – Citrus Tea

Strawberry Daiquiri -Blended Tea

Strawberry Slender Pu-Erh- Flavored Black Tea

Mandarin Mimosa – Blended Tea

Natural Belgian Rock Sugar


In the store, they bag the loose leaf in paper bags. When I get home, I transfer them into my tea canisters for storage.




Mandarin Mimosa is a blend of two types of loose leaf teas. When I was in the store they were sampling this one. I had like 3 cups as I made up my mind about what I wanted. It was really good, more fruity than sweet.

Hot Pink Lemonade is a citrus tea. I have never tried it before but I thought it would be a good summer time tea that I can mix with fresh squeezed lemonade.

Strawberry Slender is a flavored black tea. I have purchased this tea many times before. I like to mix with pineapple juice and add slices of strawberries.

Strawberry Daiquiri is also a new buy for me. It is a blend of two types of loose leaf teas as well. The loose leaves were sampled in a dish and it smelled so wonderful and fruity. I just had to have it. This tea is actually really heavy with dried fruit, so it may look like you’re only getting a little bit. But a little bit goes a long way.

Until next time,



A Passion Locked Surpise

Happy Hump Day Passionistas!!!!

Today, I wanted to share with you one of the little projects I have been working on…..

Drum Roll Please …  …   … …


That’s Right! I have my very own etsy shop for all my Kreative Passions.


On the Passion Locked Etsy shop you will find some of the same things viewed on my Kreative Passions page, but having a Etsy Shop makes it easier for people to order the things that they like.

Currently, my shop have the following featured items:

Personalized Glittered Wine Glasses

Wooden Decor Letters (customizable)

Handmade T-shirt Quilt (made to order)

Custom Baby Onsies

Handmade Baby Crib Quilt

So go ahead over to Etsy and check out my shop, also follow us on IG @PassionLocked

Until Next Time