Martin Luther King Day

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In 2009, I was a recipient of the Athens Area Human Relations Council Scholarship. Every year the organization hosts a Martin Luther King Awards Banquet. As a senior in high school I didn’t really understand the direct impact that a Martin Luther King celebration or scholarship had on the African American community.

Today, I am reflecting on the reason why we have Martin Luther King Day and what it really means for our culture, our community, and our history. I am disappointed in myself, because since that award banquet in 2009 I can not remember celebrating MLK Day.

I remember always being a part of my home church MLK Day program as a kid growing up. I even remember participating in some volunteer day programs. But once I became a college student, MLK day has just been a  free day. A day I was off work and had no classes. A extra day to hang with my friends and party or chill…. And I’m embarrassed, personally.

As a 20-something year old adult, I need to grow up and make a larger effort to participant in MLK Day event within my community- at the least. So if you are like me and have not really celebrated and embraced what today really means, I challenge you to make a change. I challenge myself to also make that change. Starting today!



Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those who Create It


Hello Passionista!


I am a huge fan of The Breakfast Club morning show on Power 105. I was put on to this radio show when I was in New York for a summer internship during undergrad. Every morning, I started my day with Starbucks and The Breakfast Club. Now that I’m back I’m back in Georgia, I listen to The Breakfast Club Podcast and watch their interviews on the Youtube channel. “Donkey of the Day” is my favorite segment of the show… LOL I’ve even had to personally give some of my friends the “Donkey of the Day”. But most of all, they have very interesting interviews with not only celebrities and artists but philanthropists and activists amongst others as well.

I like Charlemagne’s style, how he carries himself and handle his business. In my opinion, he’s the same asswhole each and every day, on and off The Breakfast Club. I can respect a person who can be themselves where ever they are and whoever they are around.

Before reading this book, I didn’t know what to expect. But as I started to read the book, I admired his road to success. He is a person who didn’t go to college but knew what he wanted out of life. He took many setbacks and sacrifices in his career. Even working for free on “The Wendy Williams” radio show just for the experience and opportunity in the industry. Many people would not do that- for the simple fact that bills need to be paid so money needs to be made. But he took that opportunity and made it work for him. The reward from that was the relationships he built within the industry to move up to where he wanted to be.

I don’t want to give away all the good juice in the book. So, I rate this book 5 stars!!! And I challenge you to purchase the book, Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those who Create It, and read it.

I would recommend Charlemagne’s book to anyone who is battling with the decisions of life and opportunities to take advantage of. No, not everyone’s story will turn out like Charlamagne after reading his book. But, I feel like it can give a young soul inspiration to keep pushing and working towards their dreams. You gotta make things happen for yourself and not let anything stop you or get in your way. Often times, I reflect on some of the decisions I’ve made and Iask myself, “did I make the right decision?” Reading this book I could relate to the disappointment naturally felt from one setback after another. I could also relate to the grind and hustle he put into being a radio personality. Shoot- I’m still hustle and putting in extra time into what I want to do in life. 


Side Note: I respect how he handled the Birdman interview. He didn’t back down on the things he had said.

“Honesy is my best friend”

-Charlamagne Tha God



As always, I purchases this look on, where you can sign up for a monthly subscription or purchase audible books whenever you like and listen from any device.

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Chapter 26

Hello Passionista!

This week I celebrated a birthday and I was more than overjoyed by the love I received. After a weekend of “good times” with my closest friends, I wanted to spend my special day doing something I’ve never done before.

I wanted to climb Stone Mountain …. And I did it !!!!!

I am not the workout type of girl. This idea came to mine because I knew climbing a mountain is out of my comfort zone. I knew it would be a strong challenge. I knew that I had it in me to achieve this challenge. But I also knew that I had it in me to take the easy way out of this challenge.

My journey up the mountain started off silent. But soon turned into lots of doubt, heavy breathing and many rest stops. It took an hour to get half way up the mountain and about another hour for finish. During my many rest stops, I thought about giving up and going back down the mountain to flat ground. I wanted to quit because the mountain was super steep and I was physically uncomfortable. But each time I stood up to walk back down the mountain I saw someone pass me that gave me motivation to keep pushing.

I saw a elderly man with two walking sticks walking like climbing that mountain meant nothing; if he can do it so can I.

I saw a father with his small daughter, maybe 5 years of age- I overheard the little girl say that it was her third time up the mountain; if that little girl had the courage to take on Stone Mountain so can I.

I saw a couple pushing one another to make it to the top- I want to be able to do that with my husband someday; if they can do it so can I.

I saw my father (who has had several back surgeries, but loves to stay fit) conquering that mountain like he was walking on water; if he can keep pushing so can I.

As out of shape as I am, I continued to push myself up that mountain in the Georgia heat. Let me tell you, the second half of the mountain is not friendly at all. I thought I wouldn’t make it several times. But as we reached the top of the mountain, I slick dropped a tear. The breeze felt so good on my sweaty skin. But just to know that it was over, that I made it to the top was such a happy feeling. And the view… the view is simply amazing.

Honestly, I thought I was crazy for even wanting to do it. But I am soooooo glad I did. I proved something to myself. I have always known that I can do anything I sit my mind to do. But the challenge of climbing the mountain was reassurance that nothing can get in my way if I don’t let it.


Happy Birthday to me !!!!!




I recently finished my latest audible, The Magnolia Story written and narrated by Chip and Joanna Gaines.


So, if you live under a rock and do not know who Chip and Joanna are, they are the stars of HGTV’s Fixer Upper. I absolutely love their family, the show, their relationship and their business drive, and of course Joanna’s décor style. After reading this book, I have fallen even more in love with them as a couple. What you see is what you get with Chip and Joanna. It’s clear when you watch their show and even crystal clear when you read the book.


maxresdefaultMany people think they have this once in million years type love story, but they actually don’t. 17 chapters of hearing Chip and Joanna going back and forth in the book just exemplifies how real they are and how real the love they have for each other is as well. Granted, they do have a unique love story. But it something you’ll admire and learn from- not something you’ll strive to copy. Because you simply can’t. book gives you the back story to the faces you see on TV and the amazing story they both have to tell. The story is not all about Chip and Joanna as business partners and husband & wife. But tells their individuals stories before they met, before they got married and the individual pieces of them that makes their relationship and family so special and interesting to watch. I could only pray for a mate made so unique to me as they have found in each other.

Passion Locked gives The Magnolia Story 5 stars. I would definitely recommend this book to all my viewers. So head on over to your app store and download audible then purchase this read from Amazon or buy it from your local book store. I’m sure you’ll love it just as I.

I think my next read will be …. Black Privilege, Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It by Charlamagne Tha God… This one should be interesting.

If you haven’t already, check out my book review on Taraji P. Henson’s Around the Way Girl and Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be your Own Person.

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A Passion for Caring: March of Dimes


Hello Passionistas!!!

If you follow my Instagram (IG: @passionlocked) then you know what I have been up to for the past few months. And it finally time to share the happiness I received from this project.

Every year I support the March of Dimes foundation by donating money, help raise money and participating in walk events. But this year I wanted to do something a little bit more special. I decided I would make baby quilts to donate to a local NICU for families with preemie babies.

Quilting has become my therapy. It is fun to do, it keeps my mind going, and keeps me out of trouble. You can see some of the quilts I have made on my Kreative Passions page and my IG account. Back around the holiday season, I bought a ton of baby fabrics from JoAnn’s Fabric store (they had really good sales). Since January, I have been working on these special little baby quilts.

img_6455This  passion project consists of 4 girl quilts, 4 boy quilts and 3 unisex quilts handmade special by me. I bundled them with lots of love and my passion through a handwritten note card.  Today, the quilts were donated to the Special Care Nursery at Northside Hospital. I delivered them all bundled with love to the head nurse of the department, who promised to wrapped them around the bravest little beating hearts. Doing something so special for families during this trying stage of life makes my heart smile. Sometimes, I feel a way about being a 20-something year old who sits at home quilting on most Friday nights. But when I achieve something like this, I feel so proud to be who I am and have the passion that I have.


If you are in the Atlanta area I encourage you to support March of Dimes and sign-up for the walk on April 22, 2017. I am joining a team of family and friends to walk with me. 15 Million babies are born prematurely each year around the million, 1 million will die. Let’s help fight to give a family a lifetime with their bundle of joy.  If you would like to donate, please click the link :


Before I go…

I will be giving away one Baby Stroller Throw quilt. FOr details about this give-a-way, follow my IG: @passionlocked for details…. post coming soon.

Until next time,


New Beginnings

Hello Passionistas!

It has been too long since I’ve written a blog post. But I have been super busy, making boss moves. I recently completed all of my course requirements for grad school. That’s right! Your girl will be walking across the stage in May for her M.B.A. I am also getting my ducks in a row for my new business venue. And I am taking more time out spend with my family and friends. But that’s not all…. FINALLY I have some exciting news to share with all of you.

 I SAID YESSSS…. To a new job!!!!! Lol



Today is the start of my second week at my new job and I could not be happier. If you have been following PassionLocked over the pass couple of months, you’ve seen my post about the JOB HUNT.

Wait. Stop. If you have not read Apply Yourself!, The Job Seeker or The 31-Day Challenge,  please go check them out and come back to this post.





I made a plan. I sought it out. I never gave up. Even now, I’m still working hard, pursing even more. So this post is dedicated to New Beginnings and Eternal Happiness.





No matter who you are and what you dream of, never let anything or anyone stop you from achieving your dreams… including yourself. Nothing happens over night, but you must keep pushing. Remember, good things come to those who wait.

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Colorful Blessings

Happy Friday Passionistas!



As I was shopping last week I ran into these two amazing art gifts. Colorful blessing are these little messages and bible quotes on a notecard that you can color. It comes packaged in this cute little box, that makes the product desktop ready. The decor box is filled with 44 delightful detailed cards to color and share god’s love, peace, and joy. As a young adult going through the odds and ends of life. I’ve only colored one so far (see over photo), and I must admit it did bring some joy to to my day. I’ve decided to display each little card my office cork board and share them with friends and family that come over to visit me.





The second gift is a little bit more spiritual and  personal for me. It a prayer journal that can be used daily for a short devotional and written reflection of your own. When I saw this , I knew it was perfect for me. I try to make it a habit to sat aside time for myself to think and process everything going on in my day. But I want to get more in habbit of giving my time to god, more than just going to church on sundays. So my prayer journal will be my little special moments with god, which makes it very personal for me. Love it !



A passion for Caring 

Hello Passionistas!

It’s a new year and I would like to introduce a new segment to my blog. A passion for caring… one thing that helps a big small on my face is helping others. So this monthly segment will be a highlight of awareness to a cause each month of the year. It is my goal to educate and inspire other how to get involved.

January is cervical health awareness month!

As I was at the check counter in Kroger, the cashier asked if I would like to round up my total to donate to Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance for research. Of course, I did. It warmed my heart to see a national grocery store chain education the community and making a difference. So if you are shopping in Kroger, I encourage you to ROUND UP and support the cause.

The Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance promotes awareness and action for ovarian cancer and help those battling ovarian cancer. The alliance hopes to educate women on the signs and symptoms of the disease.

Get involved by attending the 7th Annual Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance’s 2017 Shaken, Not Stirred Gala presented by Northside Hospital Concer Institute. This event is being held on March 11, 2017 from 6:30 to 11:30 pm at the Delta Flight Museum. For more information about this event and to educate yourself about Ovarian Cancer visit


Book Review: Around The Way Girl


I just love, love, love Taraji P. Henson. I fell in love with her back when she played Evette in the 2001 film Baby Boy. Although, I was too young to understand her struggle when the film first came out. As a young adult now, I completely understand.



rs_634x1024-150128131654-634-empire-ls-12815I have a bittersweet feeling about the success she has gotten from playing the role of Cookie in the Fox hit show Empire. Don’t get me wrong, I love that she is finally in the spotlight and getting the attention she deserves. But why did the role of Cookie have to be it for her. She has played some very interesting roles. Evette was award winning for me. But it took so much longer for the rest of the world to see that.

tumblr_nix31ossoi1qk08n1o1_500I love memoir’s written by celebrities I admire. But “Around the Way Girl” is a term I wasn’t ready for. I wanted to read Taraji’s book but I was not trying to shade my judgment of how amazing she is to me with the phrase, “around the way girl”. Where I’m from that phrase is used to describe the girls who get around with every fella in town. That’s not how I wanted to know Taraji P. Henson. So it took me a minute to want to read the book. But when I did decide to read it, I was completely wrong about her meaning of “Around the Way Girl”. Reading her memoir made me fall more in love with her. I love feeling connected to my favorite celebrities.  If you read this book you will see for yourself, it’s not a tell all book. It’s an inspirational story about her struggle to get to where she is today. She is a hustler. She fought her way from DC to Hollywood in a way that was fit just for her. She had many heartbreaks and set backs but she never gave up. Her story will make you cry, laugh and love her even more. I respect her craft and support her even more after reading this book.


So if you haven’t already, read Around the Way Girl: A Memoir by Taraji P. Henson. I purchased the audible version from amazon. The audible is read by her, which makes the story extra special. Audible is a great innovative way to enjoy good books in a better way. You can listen to your favorite books anytime. You can sign up with amazon and purchase books straight from the app.

If you have read or plan on reading Taraji P. Henson’s memoir please share with me your thought and opinions about the book.



The Best Relationship

Good Day Passionistas!

I’m growing to learn that the best relationship you can have is the relationship you build with yourself. It took me some time and I’m still learning how to love myself, take good care of myself, and not let myself down. Often times I still let myself down and I’m learning to forgive. Forgive myself. Not to long ago, my friends and I saw Beyonce perform during the Formation World Tour. It was a great experience to share with my Beyonce-loving friends. It was one section during the concert that I was in an arena full of people, yet I felt alone with Beyonce as she sang to me. She sang a slow version of “Me, Myself, and I”. The words she was spoke before the song replayed over and over in my head…

My girls and I at the Formation World Tour in Nashville, TN… My eyes were closed in this photo, but we look good as a unit 

“Me myself and I
that’s all I got to the end
that’s what I found out
and it ain’t no need to cry
I took a vow that for now own
I’mma be my own best friend”


As Beyonce sung those lyrics, I closed my eyes and for that moment I was alone. I didn’t hear my friends beside me singing along. I didn’t hear the thousands of fans screaming for her. I heard only her. It was then that I realized how I haven’t been much of a good friend to myself.

My plan now is to date myself. Take myself out and explore. I want to learn new things about myself that I do not yet know. Because when I lay down to rest every night, all I have is myself. I have to be okay with the person I see in the mirror and the person inside.

Before 2016 ended, I took myself on a little day date. I did something I like to do that relaxes me. I found this neat little spot called “All Fired Up”. It’s a colorful shop where you paint your own pottery pieces. I love little art places that allow me to be free. So I picked a nice little teapot setto creatively spend time with myself. After I finished my little master piece I went next door to this small diner to have some brunch and catch up on a little reading. When I walked out of the diner and made it to my car, I felt so empowered. I had so much energy. I really felt good about myself. That one little day date gave me such a spark of positivity. I can’t wait to see where I take myself to next.

Pictures from my day date