BLOGMAS Day 9 | DIY Wall Christmas Tree

Hello Passionista, 

December is a busy month for me so I hadn’t thought about putting up christmas decorations. At first it didn’t bother me but after 2 days of scrolling through Pinterest and social media seeing such beautiful decorations, I had to do something to my apartment. My aim was something cute, simple and cheap. My friend suggested a Wall Christmas Tree. 

After a trip to the dollar tree and Walmart, I put together this sofa view! 

Supplies used: (3) 9ft gold Garland, pink mini ornaments, blue mini ornaments, string go lights, and clear thumb tacks.

Tag me in you christmas decor pictures (IG @thepassionista__) 


BLOGMAS DAY 5 |Seasonal DIY| Holiday Wine Bag

Hello Passionista,

Y’all already know, I am the DIY Queen when it comes to gifts and decor.  I came across the idea (on Pinterest) for holiday wine bags. I found these to be super easy to make and cute to give away as gifts. There are also cheap enough to make a resale profit. 

These wine bags can be used for all occasions like birthdays gifts, wedding gifts, party favors, house warming, etc. I think else are my new favorite DIY gift item to make. 

Materials used: Burlap wine bag, Iron on Vinyl, and Circuit Explorer Air 2 and Craft tools 

To place an order for this Holiday Wine Bag or a personalized design email or visit my Instagram account. 

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Martin Luther King Day

Hello Passionistas!

In 2009, I was a recipient of the Athens Area Human Relations Council Scholarship. Every year the organization hosts a Martin Luther King Awards Banquet. As a senior in high school I didn’t really understand the direct impact that a Martin Luther King celebration or scholarship had on the African American community.

Today, I am reflecting on the reason why we have Martin Luther King Day and what it really means for our culture, our community, and our history. I am disappointed in myself, because since that award banquet in 2009 I can not remember celebrating MLK Day.

I remember always being a part of my home church MLK Day program as a kid growing up. I even remember participating in some volunteer day programs. But once I became a college student, MLK day has just been a  free day. A day I was off work and had no classes. A extra day to hang with my friends and party or chill…. And I’m embarrassed, personally.

As a 20-something year old adult, I need to grow up and make a larger effort to participant in MLK Day event within my community- at the least. So if you are like me and have not really celebrated and embraced what today really means, I challenge you to make a change. I challenge myself to also make that change. Starting today!



Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Merry Christmas, Passionistas!

It’s Christmas Day!!!!

I must admit blogmas is a struggle. I started off strong but this season had been so busy for me that I miss and day of two.

Last year my family started the tradition of making gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve.

I purchased my Hershey’s kit from CVS for $7.99

I am a master at this …. look 👀

Merrry Christmas !!!!!!

Christmas Party Decor

Happppppyyyyyy Saturday Night!!!!

Tonight, my family and I had a cute little snack and game night.

We played a series of minute to win it games and ate good food. The kids made ginger bread houses.

But I wanted to share the cute little dollar tree decorations I created…

I made these cute little DIY snow globes, everything purchased from the dollar tree.

I found these cute candle stick holders at dollar tree and loved them so much that I bought all that were on the shelf. They came in white but I spray painted a few of them silver for my the base to my snow globe.

Using double sided tape I taped the bottoms of a toy Christmas tree to the candle stick holder. I used a steamless wine glass as the globe- putting just a little bit of white confetti as snow.

So cute quick and easy …

You can also use a wine glass with a steam as a globe with a candle on top.

To complete my table decor, I used Garland and toy gift boxes, mason jars and candles, and candy canes.

Super easy and super cute!!!

Brunch with Friends

Helllloooooo !!!!

I know I’ve been missing for two days of blogmas. I’ve been busy with orders and shopping…🤷🏽‍♀️

But, I’m back now !!!!! 😍

I recently hosted a Christmas PJs Brunch with all my girlfriends. It was super nice! But of course – as the host, I did not get any pictures. What I can say is— we had a good time.

I cooked a really nice brunch. I made lots of mimiosas and we drank lots of mimiosas!

We played “dirty santa” and cards against humanity… so many laughs and memories made…

I did manage to get a few snaps with my polaroid camera for my next scrapbook..

Until next time 💝

Ornaments for Christmas (Blogmas Day 13)

Happy Blogmas Day 13!!!

Growing up my mom would buy special ornaments for me to put on the tree every year. It would always be of something I was interested in as a child. I loved that tradition and even now she still has those ornaments on the tree year after year.

As an adult, I now buy a special new ornament to place on my tree every year. Last year I was lucky enough two ornaments.

Belle from Beauty and the Best- which is my favorite Disney movie.

The 2016 Holiday Barbie- which is a gift I could expect every year.

This year it has been hard to find that special ornament. I mean I have been the the Christmas tree shoppe and multiple Hobby Lobby stores… nothing!!!

Today, I found one to my liking.

This year I graduated with my Masters’ degree- so this personalized graduation ornament is perfect for my collection.

Christmas (ugly) Tree Reveal (blogmas Day 10)


I have discovered one thing…. I am not good at tree decorating. My tree is so ugly! I don’t like it at all. LOOK AT IT!!!

I had a vision for what I wanted but clearly it didn’t work out the way I saw it in my head.

Growing up my mom always decorated the prettiest, big Christmas trees. For myself, I don’t need a huge tree. So I choose to get the little 3 ft trees every year. But it was so hard to find a nice full tree. So this is what I ended up with. For some reason I couldn’t make it work to my liking….

Share your Christmas tree decorations!!!

Give me suggestions for mine …. plzzzzzzzzz!

Xscape Concert (Blogmas Day 9)

It’s Saturday !!!

I am a weekend lover. Last night I went to the Great Xscape Tour to see- June’s Dairy, Zonnique, Tamar, Monica and Xscape. I have always loved Xscape- so seeing them in concert was amazing.

I missed most of June’s Dairy performance. But they need a lot of song covers- they opened the show. Zonnique did a good job but I didn’t know any of her songs. Tamar sung her face off as usual. But her savage time was a lot. She brought fans on stage and did a lot of talking about her divorce 🙄. I love Monica. And just like every time I seen her perform, she gave me chills. I have been a fan of Monica since a little girl when my mom used to play the Miss thing album.

le have been talking about Xscape been off tune (mostly Kandi). But they sounded great last night. I was happy with the entire show.

< img src="; class="size-full wp-image-2651" height="4032" width="3024"><<<<
never take a decent photo, but here's my concert outfit

Tan Duster from

Black Dress from Forever 21

Booties from Target

Blogmas Day 2: Cold Remedies!!!

Happy Blogmas Day 2!!!!!!!!!


Winter is here, and I am not ready for it. This cold weather hit me out of nowhere. Don’t get me wrong, Winter is my favorite time of year. I just not was mentally prepared for this cold front in Georgia right now. So of course, I have already come down with a cold.

Today I’m going to share my Top 5 Home Remedies for knocking out a cold.

Vick’s VapoRub on Chest and Feet

img_9794As a kid my mom used to rub my chest down with Vicks Rub every night in the winter. I remember I used to hate the smell of this stuff. I thought it was so strong smelling. It literally used to make my eyes water. But I promise this works- if you are stopped up and find it hard to breathe out of your nose, try Vicks. Rub some on your chest while you’re inside the house. When time for bed, rub vick’s on the bottom of your feet and put on some cotton socks. It really helps you sleep better (sleeping with a cold can be the worst).

Peppermint Tea with Lemon Juice and Honey

img_9792I love tea, and thankfully warm tea is a great remedy to sooth a sore throat. I like to steep my peppermint tea with mint leaves, adding a drop of lemon juice and teaspoon of honey.

Any brand of peppermint tea will do but I recommend Trader Joe’s or Twin’s Peak peppermint tea bags.




Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Lemon Juice, and Cayenne Pepper

Some of you may think this mixture is nasty and wouldn’t dare try it. But it really works in a day or two depending on your symptoms. There are two ways to take this remedy. You can mix it all together and take it straight. Or you can steep 1 cup of water and mix it with the warm water to drink. You should only do this once a day, and should only need to do it for 1 or 2 days.


Ginger Candy

Ginger is powerfully and will open all your senses up! Ginger candy is best to take when you have a headache or fever. It’s hard, sticky and a bit spicy- but works!

Tender Love and Care

If you’re anything like me, tender love and care means the most when I’m sick. So cuddle up next to someone special and try not to cough on them.


If you’re not sick but you’re special someone is, here’s what you need: A box of Kleenex, hot soup, cough drops, orange juice and your love!!!!!

Share your special home remedies in the comment section below and tune in tomorrow for another blogmas post. Also- let me know how you are enjoying Blogmas 2017?