Christmas Dinner Chargers (Blogmas Day 15)

Today, I am back with another cricut project. I honest can't believe I never thoguht about this before.... Decorating dinner charger with vinyl to display a personal greeting, quote or image. The closer we get to christmas the more events I have to attend or decorate for. So I have been on pinteret heavy for … Continue reading Christmas Dinner Chargers (Blogmas Day 15)

Ornaments for Christmas (Blogmas Day 13)

Happy Blogmas Day 13!!! Growing up my mom would buy special ornaments for me to put on the tree every year. It would always be of something I was interested in as a child. I loved that tradition and even now she still has those ornaments on the tree year after year. As an adult, … Continue reading Ornaments for Christmas (Blogmas Day 13)

Circut Project (blogmas day 12)

Happy Blogmas Day 12 !!!! I decided to get creative with my Christmas spirit. So, I made these GRINCH inspired wine glasses. They will be the gift perfect for my friends - as we watch "Best Man Holiday" and sippin' on red wine. Thought I would share: Jingle til you tingle Sippin' on Jolly Jingle … Continue reading Circut Project (blogmas day 12)

Sephora Shadows (blogmas day 11)

Happpppppyyyyy Monday!!!!! Welcome to day 11 of Blogmas!!! During my trip to the mall, I came across a crazy deal. Sephora has a deal of spend $50 or more and save $15... as well as $5 eye shadows! Last summer I started a eyeshadow palette of Sephora brand eye shadows. Here is what I have … Continue reading Sephora Shadows (blogmas day 11)

Christmas (ugly) Tree Reveal (blogmas Day 10)

Hellllllllloooooooooooooooo!!!!!! I have discovered one thing.... I am not good at tree decorating. My tree is so ugly! I don't like it at all. LOOK AT IT!!! I had a vision for what I wanted but clearly it didn't work out the way I saw it in my head. Growing up my mom always decorated … Continue reading Christmas (ugly) Tree Reveal (blogmas Day 10)

Xscape Concert (Blogmas Day 9)

It's Saturday !!! I am a weekend lover. Last night I went to the Great Xscape Tour to see- June's Dairy, Zonnique, Tamar, Monica and Xscape. I have always loved Xscape- so seeing them in concert was amazing. I missed most of June's Dairy performance. But they need a lot of song covers- they opened … Continue reading Xscape Concert (Blogmas Day 9)

Blogmas Day 7: Making Money for the Holidays!!!

Happy Blogmas! OMG!!! I can't believe we are at Day 7 already!!!!!!!!!! Today I wanna share with you how to make a few extra dollars for the holidays... it's super easy. You can make a few extra dollars for the holidays by using the Poshmark app to sell those clothes you wore once, took a … Continue reading Blogmas Day 7: Making Money for the Holidays!!!