Everything Beauty, Natural Hair & DIYs

I am Khadijah Nuriddin,a girl from Athens, GA with a creative soul and big dreams. I am the CEO of Passion Palette Events and Marketing, LLC. Since I was a little girl I have had an interest in entertainment and art. As a teenager, I dreamed of having my own fashion magazine one day. My interest in the beauty/ skincare industry and unique craft abilities lead me to create PassionLocked.com.

I’m glad you stopped by my little ol’ blog to explore all my passions and creativity. I have always been a girly girl, that loves planning parties and making new treasures out of old things. I remember planning my entire Sweet 16 party with the help from my favorite magazines (Seventeen & Teen Vogue) and old scrapbooks from parties my grandparents used to throw back in the day. Today, I enjoying planning & coordinating weddings, parties and celebrations in my free time.

In January 2016, I combined all my interests to create Passion Locked, a blog where I share beauty reviews, DIYs, and my creative lifestyle. Every week I create honest content about the skincare and natural hair care products I used and my latest DIY home decor and craft projects.

Contact for Sponsorships and bookings, passionlockedblog@gmail.com

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