About PassionLocked


“Everything I do, I do it with a Passion”- Kehlani 

Hi Passionista! 

Thank you for stopping by my little blog. PassionLocked is my way of letting my light shine and share it with the world. I am a girl of many different talents and interest, PassionLocked is where I will capture it all.

A little about me… 

My name is Khadijah but you can call me Khadi. I am 20-something years old, enjoying life and trying to figure it all out at the same time. In my spare time I do a little bit of everything. I am an event planner. I love being around my family and friends. I recently picked up a new hobby and love for quilting. I have a undergrade degree from Albany State Univerisity and a graduate degree from Ashford University. I aspire to climb the career ladder as a corporate professional, becoming a CEO for a large company, and making Forbes 40 under Forty or Top 100’s list. But I also dream of being a successful homemaking housewive with as many kids as I can afford. Until those days come, I will gaze in the beauty of all the opportunities offered to me right now. 

It’s been a year since (January 3,2016)  I started PassionLocked. It has been a great journey and I am excited about continuing my journey as a blogger. I’m so elated that you decided to browse or stumbled upon my “little” blog. PassionLocked is all about my passion and sharing my passion with others. I’m your average girl that loves shopping, make-up, and hanging with friends. But in my alone time, I love fishin Pinterest for DIY project and doing a little event planning here and there. I recently got addicted to making quilts, which is like my therapy (for real). That’s what you’ll see when you come back again and again to visit my blog. This blog site is my “Locked” vault of thoughts, expressions, and passion-filled events.

Each time you vist PassionLocked I want you to feel inspire and know that whatever you dream and aspire to be and do, YOU CAN!!! Love it . Do it. Be it.





Just a southern down to earth girl trying to make my dream come true!

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