Goodwill Haul

Good Day Passionistas!!!!

I think I should start doing shopping hauls. Sooooooo, today is my first shopping haul on my blog.

I don’t know if I have ever told y’all how much I love Goodwill. As a DIY queen, Goodwill comes in handy for cheap supplies. I can get lost in a Goodwill store for hours. This week I made a store at a Goodwill store, I wasn’t looking for anything particular. I was honestly killing time and exploring. I found some really good bargins that I want to share with you.


As y’all know I love tea parties, collecting tea pots, and drinking tea. But I bet you didn’t know that most of my tea pots come from Goodwill. Honestly, It’s the best place to find vintage and rustic style tea pots. Whenever I throw  tea party, I have an assorted selection of tea sets to decorate each table. When I saw this all white large tea pot, I knew I had to have it . It had no chips or scratches. All it needs is a good cleaning and a polish. It only cost me like $4.00

P.S. I’m thinking about doing a post showing off my tea collection. What do you think? (Leave a comment if you want to see) 


These 4 candle stick holders were a great deal as well, about 55 cents each. I use these type of candle stick holders for diy projects, like the Glitter Glam Holders on my Kreative Passion page. Usually I pay $1.00 or more for these candle stick holders, when I can find them. Once I clean themup really good I know I will have a new idea or DIY project to use them for real soon. Maybe something special for mother’s day.

img_5876I haven’t came across any of these mini jars before. And for only $1.51 each, you cant beat that. I think they would be great for the bathroom or kitchen. When I saw them, I instantly thought of painting  them with a metallic or matte color.


Now these candle stick holders are a special treat to me. I have never seen the tall ones. I was super excited about this find. For only $2.92 for a set. If they had more, I would have purchased all them. But for now I have these two, so whatever I do with them has to be special. Stay Tuned.

Wooden baskets are popular. Just img_5879this past summer, I made a tutu basket for a baby shower and I used a basket just like this. Only difference is the cost. I paid $9.99 at Hobby Lobby for the same basket yet alot smaller. I got three large wooden baskets (all in good shape) for $4.97 each at Goodwill. Again for no particular reason, but I have a few events coming up that I’m sure I can use these baskets for.

Altogether I spent $35.00 in Goodwill on all these items that I know I can use for my DIY projects. I can’t wait to get crafty!

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4 thoughts on “Goodwill Haul

  1. positivelyappealing says:

    High five for a happy shopping experience with great deals!! I would enjoy seeing a post about your tea pot collection. I have a tea cup collection so I completely understand all the joy that goes in to finding new pieces and letting others admire them. 🙂


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