Blogmas Day 25 | Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Passionista!

First and foremost, I want to say I MADE IT… I SURVIVED!!! I successfully completed Blogmas 2019. I’ve enjoyed this journey and I’m super proud of myself.

My last Shea Moisture box came right in time for Christmas and as well as a random box of goodies. I think this is my last box of 2019 from Shea Moisture. I’ve really enjoyed this journey of being a Sheabassador and I hope I can continue to work with the brand in the future.

Blogmas Day 24 | The Season of Caring

Hello Passionista-

I ran cross this meme last month about putting together care packages for homeless women. I thought it was a great idea. So I asked my family to bring toiletries and female hygiene items to dinner on thanksgiving. We packaged these purses and cosmetics bags full with products for females.

I’m happy to say we put together over 25 packages and put them in our cars to hand out when we see someone in need.

Blogmas Day 23 | Family Time for the Soul

Hello Passionista-

I love a good cabin trip and this weekend I got to spend some quality time in the cabins with my loved ones.

We stayed at the top of the mountain in Gatlinburg, TN. The view was amazing and a good time was had. I wish I would have gotten more pictures but I was truly enjoying the quality time with family.

Blogmas Day 21 | Q & A

Hello Passionista!

A few days ago I put up and Q&A box on my IG story. So I’m going to answer those questions in today’s blog.

What hosting site do you use for your blog?

I use WordPress.

What are your limits on what you are willing and not willing to share on your blog?

I’m willing to post anything about natural hair, beauty and skincare, and DIY projects I try. I have decided to start sharing some lifestyle content.

How do you handle your work life balance?

What work life balance 😂😩 I’m learning how to disconnect from work at a certain time but it’s super hard.

Do your friends support your business and blog?

Yes! My friends support my event planning business and my blog. They are not my ideal clients so I don’t expect them to engage as if I’m marketing to them. But they show up to events, repost my stuff and share my stuff with others and I’m humbly grateful.

How do you remain so positive about everything?

I glad you think I’m always positive. But, honestly I have my daily battles with trying to stay positive. I have a few motivational podcasts or YouTube clips I can listen to much I need a mini pick me up.

What are some things you want to improve on in 2020?

I want to work on unplugging from work and blogging and taking more time to actually enjoy the moment.

How did you get your start with blogging?

I made up my mind that I wanted to blog in 2014 . So I started doing some research about how to start. Then in 2015 I launched my online baby. It took my a while to find a routine. But, almost 4 years later here we are!!!

What is the most rewarding part of owning your own business?

I make all the decisions. I’m the BOSS !!!!

What is the most frustrating thing about blogging and entrepreneurship?

The most frustrating thing for me is time management. Deciding how much time to spend on my blog vs. my business gets so complicated.

What is your absolute favorite product?

This is a really hard question. I don’t have just one favorite product. My favorites change monthly, honestly. Right now I’m loving the Olay Vitamin Serum Stick.

How you keep your teeth so white?

Good ol’ Crest and floss 😁

How do I create a link tree?

I think you just go to the link tree website and connect it to your social media. Then you can add all your links on the website and put the link tree link in your bio.

How do you stay on top of the different blogging events? Like Essence and such?

I’m really bad at doing this so there a lot of event that I want to cover but end up not doing them. But for the last few you’ve seen on my page I’ve done the day of or after the event.

Blogmas Day 20| Goals for 2020

Hello Passionista!

Can you believe we are 12 days away from this new year? It really seems like this year has flew by so quickly. But, I’m excited for what 2020 has to offer.

New Goals. New Projects. New Money. New Challenges. New Prayers. New Growth. New Blessings. All of that!!!

This year I experienced a lot of major changes in my life. It has taken me some time to get used to my new situations. One thing that I’ve learned is that I have to get used to being uncomfortable to evolve in life. When it comes to my professional life, love life, and relationships with other people it’s important to understand that things change. Life goes on and everyday is not the same, so every situation is not going to stay the same.

I had to be real with myself and admit I put too much pressure on myself with setting goals this year. I made about 10 goals that I wanted to achieve this year between my personal life, my professional life and my blogging lifestyle. And a few months ago I broke down, which made me realize I wasn’t living. I was working everyday from start to finish to achieve he goals I had set for myself in order to feel accomplished. The feeling of being accomplished doesn’t last long for me. So day after day ever aspect of my life was a piece of work. I was such a HOT MESS!!!

Moving forward, I’m working on living in the moment and enjoying everyday I’m blessed to still be on this earth. Blogging is a major part of my life and my vision for how I want this blog to take off is huge. So don’t look for me to stop or slow down anytime soon. Sis, I’m inspired!

For 2020 I am only setting 3 goals to focus on when it comes to my brand in the making (The Passionista x PassionLocked):

Goal #1: Establish a mailing list and create a monthly newsletter.

This is something I should have been started doing but just haven’t. Honestly for a long time I felt like no on read my blogs or even visited my website 🙄 lol. But this year I really saw growth in my blog and a deal of support from my viewers. So I guess that makes me confident enough to start a mailing list. A monthly newsletter will help me engage more intimately with my subscribers and offer exclusive content.

Goal #2: Pre-plan content for weekly post using a content calendar.

This blogmas is the first time I have successful created a content calendar and followed it to create content to post (so far). I’ve attempted in the past and wasn’t consistent. I plan to be more intentional about the content I’m creating.

Goal #3: Work with 5 brands for paid influencer campaigns.

This year I wanted to work with brands and I made a goal to do so. I successfully worked with 6 brands this year. Now I want to elevate to more paid campaigns and sponsorships.

Blogmas Day 22 | 2019 Top 50 Songs

Hello Passionista!

I was creating a top 50 playlist on my own. Then Apple Music graced me with a replay 2019 playlist. When I first listened to it I was like wtf do I be listening to. But I noticed those are the song on my shuffle repeatedly.

Check out my Top 50 of 2019.

Blogmas Day 19| 19 Fun Facts About Me

Hello Passionista!

I love blogging but I feel like you guys don’t really get to know the REAL me. Don;t get me wrong I’m not trying to share everything with y’all. But sometimes I wish y’all knew a little bit more about me as a blogger and influencer, just as I want to know more about my readers. So today I decided to share 19 facts about myself and few old photos I found to bring y’all a bit more into my world. Hope you enjoy !

  • I prefer tea over coffee.
  • I played the trumpet for 3 years in middle school.
  • The Best Man and Best Man Holiday are my favorite movies.
  • My favorite colors are Black, Pink, and Gold.
  • I prefer pearl studs over hoop earrings.
  • November through February is my favorite time of year.
  • I will try to make most things before purchasing it.
  • My favorite snack is red wine and kettle popcorn.
  • I am Leo (Birthday July 31st)
  • I have traveled to 5 countries
  • I prefer museums over amusement parks
  • I would rather go to a chill lounge/ bar than a night club
  • I have 2 degrees (B.A in Marketing, M.B.A – concentration in Prject Management)
  • I am from Athens, GA
  • I did pageants as a kid
  • I lived in New York for a few years
  • I used to sew my own clothes
  • I am a night owl ( & not a morning person what so ever, lol)
  • I started my first business in college (undergrad)

Tell me something about you…